The International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal is supported by generous tax-exempt donations  from individuals like you, and we make the most of every dollar we receive.

The Pesticide Action Network-North America (PANNA – is our fiscal sponsor and you can make your tax-deductible donation to the Bhopal Campaign through their secure, online website using credit card, check or PayPal. PANNA’s tax id number is EIN# 942949686.

Where does your money go?

Your donation supports educational, judicial, political and non-violent direct actions that seek justice & compensation for victims of the Bhopal Disaster, as well as help deter the practices that led to this horrific event. These actions take place all over the world, but your funds primarily support actions by the North American and Indian Chapters of ICJB. In addition, your funds support the maintenance of this website.

While small, our expenses are primarily paid for by individual donor contributions, so every dollar that you can spare helps us keep the campaign alive one more day until justice is served!

Want to mail your donation?

If you would like to send your contribution by postal mail, please make the check out to “PANNA” with “ICJB” in the memo field. Mail your check to:

2029 University Ave, Suite 200,
Berkeley, CA 94704.

We also accept matching donations from your company or time matching donation programs that they might support. Send us an email if you have questions on this.

If you are in India, and want to donate to ICJB, please send a check payable to “The Other Media” to:

C/o Rachna Dhingra
44 Sant Kanwar Ram Nagar
Berasia Road, Bhopal, MP 462018 India

Thank you!


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